Booking and Marketing

What is Stitch Publicity Booking and Marketing Services?

Stitch Publicity Booking and Marketing Services is the program your media company needs when powerful content requires expedient delivery to the masses. It isn’t enough to merely pump a radio or TV segment out into the airways or publish an article, blog post, or podcast interview; your content needs an introduction to a variety of digital tribes who are enthusiastic about that unique topic niche. The communication vectors utilized to transmit directly to these niche enthusiasts go beyond common social media platforms and must delve deep into the digital tribe/chieftain social structure. We take your content to the influencers who shape the narrative within the social media communication structure for your particular audience niche. We cultivate conversations and introduce ideas that stimulate a viral buzz that will connect to your content.

We cultivate organic conversations across over a dozen social media platforms in a manner that brings fresh eyes, ears, and interest to each piece of content that you produce. You create content that is powerful, profound, and unique, and we make sure it gets seen by your targeted audience. We work with social media influencers, podcasters, bloggers, TV and radio show producers, and journalists to catapult their content into the next stratosphere of visibility!

Multi-Vector Branding and Promotion

Most traditional media and online media brands struggle to stand out from the pack by creating a tribe of enthusiastic followers of their own. Their content lacks brand recognition and organic buzz that contributes to long term and meaningful followers who will, in turn, position and promote their content on the multitude of social media platforms and information-sharing networks.

Stitch Publicity Booking and Marketing Services solves this problem for you. Through our proprietary A.I. driven technology, we identify the conversations, influencers, and industry enthusiasts who will take your message to the masses, and we introduce and cultivate conversations that will get your content seen and generate buzz. We do this by communicating directly with the digital tribe chief, and we introduce your content to them and encourage them to tune in and share.  Imagine going to Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, Tumblr, Pinterest, Reddit, and even LinkedIn and seeing your content being shared and talked about by dozens and even 100s or 1000s of people!

Our proprietary process doesn’t just bring organic followers to your content, but every time someone shares your content, that action tells search engines that your content is critical to the information being shared about your niche industry and you’ll notice search engine rankings begin to skyrocket! Social signals are a key element to search engine optimization, and we’ll get you loads of them!

Expert Booking Service

Do you need an expert for your radio or TV talk show? Does your TV, Radio, or podcast show need recognizable names to bring more attention to your next episode? We can help. We book more interviews across more media vectors than any organization out there. Tell us how often you are producing, and we can plug experts into each episode you have scheduled. We can also facilitate expert bookings for journalists who need experts to interview for their next article.

We have expert witnesses, niche gurus, writers, public speakers, politicians, and industry thought leaders who have experience in bringing your platform thought-provoking and meaningful content that will get attention!

We have access to 100s of fully vetted experts across countless industry niches, all you need to do is give us some basic information about your show or publication, and if you qualify, we can open the floodgates for unique and knowledgeable experts in virtually any industry niche to add that special “X” factor to your content. Contact us for pricing.

Stitch Publicity Booking and Marketing Services Package

You’re putting out powerful content, but you just can’t break out of the glass ceiling of limited viewers and listeners. Sound familiar? Certain elements formulate the quantum leap in followers that podcasts and radio shows are striving for, but few understand the formula to exponential organic growth. We take your content and promote it to our network out prolific influencers who (if they see the value for their followers) will share your content with their legions of followers who, in turn, will buzz your content into a viral hurricane of organic coverage.

Going viral is a combination of having the right guest, on the right show, at the right time, when the right current event is happening, and with the right digital tribes are watching and waiting for something to talk about. Our formula puts all the pieces together. We have the guests; we have the influencers, we know how to stimulate influencers to move, and we have the right promotional components that will stimulate and cultivate organic conversations and buzz.

Check out a few of the powerful ingredients built into this package:

  • Interview Booking Service
  • Press release (written with targeted media distribution)
  • Influencer promotions on:
  • Reddit
  • LinkedIn
  • Facebook
  • Twitter
  • Quora
  • Pinterest
  • Tumblr
  • Medium
  • Instagram
  • YouTube

  • Organic social signals for SEO
  • Linke Distribution via Email newsletters (if applicable)
  • Access to our video production facility (call to see if your platform qualifies)
  • National Press Club keynotes and expert panels with full media promotion (call to see if your platform qualifies)
  • And more!

This entire package is only $4,999 per month!

Stop trying to reinvent the wheel; we know what your program needs. We will take your content to the masses to stimulate the exponential and organic following you want and deserve! Contact us today to find out if you qualify!